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June 12, 2011


Steve, you ask good questions as always. As for me, I guess I'm using my anger at the moment -- TRYING to use my anger at hypocrisy in the Church, more specifically -- in a positive way to advocate for change. I'm not sure it's a gift -- seems like too convenient a way to label something that is eating away at me when I think and read about the Church, and even (sadly enough), after Mass last week, when I felt extreme frustration with several stances our new bishop is forcing on our diocese (Springfield in Illinois), things he is saying publicly, ostensibly on behalf of and for the benefit of the faithful.

I do believe righteous (rather than self-righteous) anger can be a tool for positive change (witness the civil rights movement, as well as various anti-war movements). Yet as I blog about the church and my own twisted relationship with it, I find myself kind of just getting more angry, not less. (Maybe that's a sign it's not such a gift I'm using on the church's behalf after all.) Somedays, you know, I just want to become an Episcopalian. I know those folks have their own divisions and shortcomings -- no uniformly green grass in every Episcopal diocese, I'm sure -- but I get the sense I wouldn't be feeling so angry about the church, and so distracted from what I really SHOULD be focusing on: my relationship with God.

In any case: Great to see you back on your blog!

Steve, I thank you for your so called 'Whatever material'and for your question as to what my contribution might be?

Before I start I must thank you again for having purchased one of the first CD that our baby daughter created with her NOW husband John. I must also say that I will be closing down my 2nd ever blog sometime in September and I thank you for having placed this my 2nd blog on your site when I first started "IT" off and I see that "IT" is still there. I don't know what your thinking was back then or if I did slightly impress you in some way with my first blog which I closed because I honestly felt that I had nothing left to contribute in 2005 and/or whatever date "IT" might have been closed. I must apologize for not having kept UP with the image that I originally portrayed of myself back then and I'm also sorry for having conned The Speaking Deacan at http://thespeakindeacon.blogspot.com/ but for what "IT" is worth, you will always be in my prayers for allowing me to be myself for such a long time.

Now let me try and get back on topic as to what I think my contribution might have been.

Sorry but one of our grandson wants to use my computer now so I'll simply say that "ONE" must learn to love himself and/or herself before they can ever hope to love as a God and long story short, I'm working on my inner self and if you read a LOT of what I've written many of you might probably agree that I'm certainly not normal in behaving this way.

I'll close by saying, long story short, "IT" is best that I just stick to praying until God really does truly contact me and when He and/or His Angels do contact me, I'll be sure to tell you all but right now my God Child wants to use my puter so please excuse me.

Hey Steve, I'm sure that you'll be able to hold down the fort while I'm away. Who knows maybe next year, you and Crystal might again be able to encourage me to start one more. Nothing against facebook, twitter any other social networks but they will also be in the same boat but let's remember that "IT" is not September yet and I'm sure that many of my imaginary spiritual so called friends have a lot of let U>S (usual sinners) say juicy post in mine before then.

I hear ya Steve! Don't be expecting another free ride Victor if you ever do start another blog if you know what I mean?! :)


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