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April 24, 2011


Steve, thanks for this post. (It's great to read you again!) Couldn't agree more with what you've stated here. Christianity (including the RCC) has indeed gone corporate: well-organized, efficient (sort of...), top heavy in a self-important way, and with a killer legal department on speed-dial, alas.

I'm trying to bring up my son Catholic while teaching him that people matter more than things, compassion matters more than rules, and Jesus came to earth to bring all of us into closer contact with God's love, not so anyone could win an argument on "Catholic Answers Live." It's a struggle to keep things focused on what is essential, rather than that which is the added-on element that Jesus likely would not recognize as having anything to do with the good news he proclaimed and lived.

Hope things are good with you and that you will post again when you have time. This blog has long been one of my favorite Catholic sites! --Steve M.

Thanks for the comment Steve M - I'm facing some of the same challenges with my boys. Yes, it's a struggle. And yes - I hope to post more, regularly here.

Hey Steve - absolutely, the whole politicized, corporate thing makes me very sad, and angry at times. For me, having moved back into the Catholic (big "C") arena a few years ago, with my family, has often turned into many "what the hell have I done to myself and my children" moments. Not always, but it happens often enough. I try to stay attached to the ancient good and steer as clear of all the mess that has built up in the corners as I can. But you know well, it's a hard job. Peace to you and Happy Easter.

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