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July 18, 2010


Martha, Martha, who really wants to work when Jesus is the life of the party!

I hear ya! I guess HE's still not every body's cup of tea. :)

I like that contemporary analysis. I have to force myself to chill when I have company, I tend to focus on cooking and serving!

Our homilist had a new (to me) twist on the story. Mary's part was better because it began with the Word. Martha was missing out on Christ's teaching, which was why hers was not the better choice. If her activity had been based on the Word, then it would have had value.

Thanks for the comments everyone! It's good hearing from you on the blog again :)

I just came upon your blog and it seems when I host a party, I can't stop being Martha!!! I know it's better to be a Mary, but I can't help myself! I guess I feel peace knowing others are having a good time. And, I do love hosting parties because I love experiencing people getting together having a nice time. By reading some of your blogs, we seem to have many things in common. God Bless!

Welcome to the blog Irene!

Can it be so simple that Our Lord exemplifies his love to be loved by us, more than anything else we could possibly do? Time with our Lord, does not mean work...it is the company we spend with him, that he loves and desires.

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