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September 07, 2009


>>Some bishops are going to be further to the right of this, and some to the left<<

All together now folks!

Left, Right, Left, Right,

"I"'ve been told what "they" say,
Every dog shall have his day.
"I" certainly care what "they" do,
So tired of the Health Care Blues.

Good to see you back Steve

Thanks Vic! That's a catchy little song you made there...

Between me and you, 'I' still don't know what "IT" means when 'they' talk about being 'Right' cause all I know is why should anyone be 'Left' Behind?

Left, Right, Left, Right,

'I' don't know but 'they've' been told,
"IT"s all about saving our immortal soul.

Sorry Victor! I didn't mean to whine UP sinner vic! :)


Hi Steve,

In regard to health care, I wish there was less fuss and debate over who pays, and more fuss and debate over why everything costs so darned much, and why the costs are rapidly rising all out of proportion to the rate of inflation and the cost of most everything else.

The polarization and general lack of civility in our society doesn't help much either, as perfectly reflected in someone yelling "liar" from the floor while the president was addressing both houses of Congress.

In any case, If Peter Maurin had specifically addressed the issue of health care in his Easy Essays, I'm quite sure he would have said that it was a right in accordance with basic human dignity, and not a privilige or a commodity.

check out the video "poetry of michael franti' posted 9-16-09 at http://mospec23.blogspot.com/

Don't bother reading the post itslef, just listen to the music, read the poetry, hear the interview .... here's a guy who gets what it measn to care about what matters. If you visit and listen to the video, let me know what you think.
I think he is so on point in terms of what this country needs, but he is not well known (yet(. I think his take on the whole state of affairs is a coherent view of what is and a beautiful vision of what could be. He's all about brotherhood, unity, getting along, shsring, yes, solidarity. And very God centric whether that be from a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other tradition. Instead of all the usual vendors, at a Franti concert there are rows of booths of non-profits serving the underserved - AIDS relief, the battered and the homeless, food banks, clean water initiatives - even if you hate the music (more or less regggae-inspired) how can it not be a good thing to have these booths equal or outnumber the beer and alcohol stands?? If no one gets involved nothing will change and if folks aren't educated ona level they're comfortable with no one will get involved.
It's short, doesn't take much time ... please leave your ocmment(s) and let me know what you think

Hey Steve, Glad to see you've posted some ideas here again.
Just wanted to let you know I'm reading.
Thanks for the quote from Maurin and for the Bishops' site.
See you in the pews. Philip

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