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September 20, 2009


Hey how about that Viagra Steve? :)

"IT" is not funny sinner vic!

Tell me about "IT" cause I honestly can't count how many I've had to delete and they still found ways to get by. If most Christian were as determined as they were, Our Lord would stand a chance within our flesh, I mean Kingdom.

Don't give UP yet Steve cause we Christians, brothers and sisters are all praying for each other and I know that we're all sinners but Enough is Enough don't you think sinner vic?

You talking to me Victor?

Boy, tell me about it Vic - most of those spam comments get caught automatically, but enough get through to make it a hassle.

Steve I hear you brother. Paul's line 'patience breeds hope' speaks...

Thanks again for your blog, it's truly one of my favourite sites. I'm just now having a go at 'compline' :)

P.S. - the 'orientations for spiritual growth' URL on the right has expired and it's now being hosted here http://www.jesuits.ca/orientations/

Also, have you seen http://ignatianspirituality.com/dotmagis-blog/ or http://peopleforothers.loyolapress.com/ both in line with the charism - 'in all things to love and to serve' :) Peace.

James - Thanks for that feedback! I'm hoping to get more things posted here; time is precious though. And thanks for the links - I updated the sidebar link and added one of those blogs to my reading list.

Steve, thanks for yet another thoughtful post. (And amen to everything you said here.)


A long time since I've commented but your last suggestion of turning off the news is great. I've spent almost no time in the past year watching traditional news and even less time in the past six months reading news blogs. All of the negativity can be debilitating and the absence of it really has not harmed me except at time I forget to pack an umbrella when I ought to have one.

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