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November 11, 2005


I have so many questions about Catholocism. I was raised Baptist and for several reasons have recently started studying the Catholic faith. I have started attending RCIA classes, but am afraid to ask questions. Have you always been catholic?

Tonya - Yes, I have always been Catholic; I drifted out of regular attendance & etc for a while in my 20's, but drifted right back in. I'm glad to answer any questions you might have - please feel free to ask them here or send me an email (steve@bogners.com).

"Let me know my absurdity before I act absurdly."
I wonder about that line in the prayer. It seems to me that absurdity is in the eye of the beholder and if we start thinking too much about how absurd we look, we miss out on life. Looking back on my life, I have no regrets about my ridiculous-looking actions, in fact, I wish I had done more of them!

Hi, Steve,
This is a great prayer. This is MY prayer, or will be soon as I'm going to adopt it. Pride is one of my major vices.

sense of humor

A sense of humor to keep humble. That is rich! Is it the idea to have a sense of humor about oneself and one's place in the universe? I like that. Humor to overcome pride.

That could even make humility fun and nix the potential to be a "martyr" and suffer under other people's "power."

Hee - Hee - Hee - Haw - Haw!

Maybe St. Therese the little flower was truly just a comediec genius and not so much a follower of the little way. I could easily be funny for God. I mean just this morning I almost busted my hump getting out of the shower. And that would kind of make us all more child like, looking for funny things instead of serious issues in everything.

God bless Daniel A. Lord, SJ.

I definitely love that prayer!

i have been hammered away at since i asked the Lord to teach me how to be humble. He can be very gentle or, quite simply, not.

(where have you been? i'm missing you...)

Oh that's just DELIGHTFUL!!! I love your site!

Love the prayer for humility! I feel most of us become like chameleons when we're around others saying and doing what might please the person we're around. At times I find myself around someone who brings out the worst in me and I act in a absurd way only after my actions do I realize that wasn't pleasing to God and I ask for forgiveness. This is something I need in my life a true sense of Humility. Being the little un-noticed guy in a group of people is only un-noticed in human eyes...remember God's eyes are everywhere and sees everything

I have always been challenged by the litany of humility. Have you seen it?
Here's a link: http://catholicism.about.com/od/prayers/qt/Litany_Humility.htm

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