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March 13, 2004


This is something that I always try to remind myself of. We're part of a much larger story.
It reminds me of what you wrote about action vs. reaction and jumping into "fixer" mode. We aren't the ones in charge of the fixing. Thanks for the reminder.

I love these words that bring my "smallness" back into realistic perspective. Being a "worker" rather than a "masterbuilder" is freeing indeed.

Great truth in this one, Steve. Our "job" is but to hear His voice for the "now" and have faith that tomorrow is in His hands.........


Does anyone know how I could get a copy of the original prayer in Spanish?

Interestingly enough...that prayer wasn't written by Romero...it was part of a homily by John Dearden given in the late 70s...the homily was written by Ken Untener.

Thanks for this! I had been searching for this quote for a book I am writing, and knew that Cardinal Dearden had said it...I DID NOT know that Ken Untner had written it. This was a pleasant surprise...I was a big fan of Bishop Ken. Thanks again!

thank you so much for this! i am doing a prayer service at my catholic school for oscar romero and i needed a poem! THIS HELPED SOO MUCH! thanks again!

I am looking for a picture of John Cardinal Cody Archbishop of Chicago.

And a picture of Fr. John Collins at Maryville, 1928-1936.


Romero's assassin did not come through a back door. He pulled up in a red Volkswagon and shot through the chapel's front door. Then he fled. That, anyway, is what I was told when I visited the site.

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